Please enjoy this FREE sampler download featuring songs from my two records, Eat Shirt & Tie and Sorrow Sings. Learn a little more about the songs I included below and, by all means, share it with your friends. Cheers and we’ll see you on Friday, June 3 at Two Brothers Summer Festival 2016 w/ Lord Huron and The Lone Bellow!

“Another Fool (In Love With You)” feat. Genevieve
Eat Shirt & Tie (2010)

If you’ve ever seen us play live, chances are you’ve helped us stomp and clap our way through this one. Featuring the vocals of Genevieve, this song is just as fun to play now as it was when we recorded it.

Eat Shirt & Tie (2010)

Admittedly, there are some songs that I’ve written and recorded that I’d prefer to keep in the past. Songs that, while they were honest and important to me when I wrote them, have since become worn out and tired over time. This song is not one of them. To this day, it continues to move me and as long as I keep singing, it will have a 5 star, air-conditioned page in my songbook.

“Everything Kills”
Sorrow Sings (2014)

This song – in all of its angst and confusion – set the tone for what would be my second LP, Sorrow Sings. Among the many issues and themes I was exploring on Sorrow Sings, death was by far the most persistent. Thoughts, analogies, and revelations about death inhabit every single song on the record and this song was the wind that spun the wheel.

“Black Horse”
Sorrow Sings (2014)

In short, this tune is about sitting on an evening porch with a cold drink and the one you love, waving at the worries and fears that consume you as they pass on by.