House of Blues


Happy to announce that the band and I will be making our debut at the House of Blues Chicago on Saturday, August 15th! It’s a beautiful stage and we’re honored to have the chance to play on it. Also performing will be Chicago’s R.O.E., Arbor Creek, and Robbie Gold.

Friends and family, we’d love to see you there. If you’re free, you can get your hands on tickets HERE. Thanks so much and we’ll see you soon!

KAP & The Wheeling Birds.


Over the next couple months I’ll be doing a run of solo performances. Very much looking forward to sittin’ back down and playing a set of old songs and new.

It’s all getting started on Saturday, July 25th at Uncommon Ground (Devon location) with my brother from another, Mike Castle.

Get your tickets HERE for this intimate event and check the “Tour” section for more dates. In the meantime, here’s a list of some of my favorite things right now:

Top 5:

Song of the Sea

1. Song of the Sea – One of the most visually incredible films I’ve ever seen.  Beautiful story, stunning animation, and excellent music.  Great work, Cartoon Saloon!

2. James Talley, Got No Bread, No Milk, No Money, but We Sure Got a Lot of Love - This 1974 recording is filled with all the wit, grit, and charm that I love about classic country music.  Take a listen HERE.

3. The Twilight Zone (Original Series) – A timeless, artful, and compelling series. Pairs perfectly with all the rain Chicago’s been getting lately.  Thanks, Netflix.

4. Stephen Colbert - For obvious reasons.

5. Artifact Uprising – Fantastic company that offers slick and affordable photo prints and albums.  Get those memories off your iCloud and onto your coffee table!